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A weird thing I find incredibly helpful for art/writing.



Eplans.com is a website that sells blueprints for houses. 

This might not seem that helpful but if you want a characters house you can make selections based on what sort of house you want them to live in. 


Then browse through the results and find the house you want. Then you can view the blueprints and have a room layout for that house, which can help with visualising the space they live in. 


It makes describing generic homes so much easier.

thank you

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Raichu has such a cooler design. Plus a well trained Pikachu can be an awesome Raichu.

That’s what I’m saying! Raichu just screams “electric rat.” Pikachu is nice and all and not bad design-wise (if you really want to say that about gen 1 pokemon lol), but I think it would have been cooler if they let Ash’s Pikachu evolve, especially after hinting at it at least 2-3 times. I mean come on, isn’t that thing on like level 739 by now???

Aside from that, the new Cosplay Pikachu in ORAS is cool and I like the costumes, but Raichu just pretty much doesn’t exist anymore. Tbh, I wouldn’t even mind if they retconned Raichu as an evolution for Pikachu, switched Raichu over to Dedenne and made Pikachu another separate line. That’s how upset I am that Pikachu just gets hella attention from being the series mascot.

I can get why in the (animated) series Ash didn’t let his Pikachu evolve. After looking at how Lt. Surge trained his Raichu, and how we didn’t get many other sightings of Raichu, it wasn’t a very popular pokemon. Despite having a pretty neat design. I mean, that thunderbolt whip tail was pretty awesome. But I guess Ash didn’t want to sacrifice Pikachu’s speed stats for just being a bigger rodent (if Ash even knew anything about stats, which I doubt).

But Dedenne looks a lot like Raichu. Like, too much to be scary. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did retcon Raichu, but I doubt they will. Now, if they gave Raichu a Mega Evolution, that can only be accessed if you evolve your Pikachu, then that would be awesome. It would definitely make more people raise a Raichu.

lol it’s okay. You’re free to rant as much as you want.

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